Laser welder

Laser spot welding machine (Internal water chiller)

With series machines:
  • Dental Laser Spot Welder(SW-LSW200)
  •  Dental Laser Spot Welder(SW-LSW150)
  • (SW-LSW)
  • (SW-LSW100)
  • Appearance Picture
    Appearance of the chart for reference only to real product
  • 1. High single-pulse energy.
    2. Long lifetime laser reflector made in U.K.

    3. High effieciency YAG crystal to ensure the best beam quality and energy.
    4. Installed a leather shutter of the welding chamber;Installed a safety shutter to against the
    Laser emission.Safety class 1 laser product.
    5. Stable laser power supply to ensure the system able to operate in 24hours.